Jewel: A Journey of Authenticity and Impact From Alaskan Homestead to Global Inspiration

Jewel's Journey of Authenticity and Impact From Alaskan Homestead to Global Inspiration

Award-winning singer-songwriter, philanthropist, and mental health advocate Jewel opens up about her life, career, and the power of staying true to oneself.


Meeting Jewel wasn’t just another interview; it felt like a conversation between friends, the kind that leaves you feeling like a better person after it’s done. As someone who’s followed her career, admired her music, and respected her activism, I was aware of the risk of disappointment. It’s not uncommon to create a narrative in your mind, only for the reality to fall short. But sitting down with Jewel, singer-songwriter, philanthropist, and mother, I found her to be an absolute delight.


JewelDana Trippe

Jewel’s journey from the isolation of an Alaskan homestead to international fame is well-documented. Her story is one of resilience, creativity, and a drive to connect with others on a meaningful level. What struck me most during our conversation was how grounded she remains despite her success. There’s an authenticity to Jewel that’s palpable, not just in her music but in the way she speaks about her life, her work, and the causes close to her heart.


We talked about her early days, playing in coffee shops and using the internet to build a fanbase—a testament to her innovative spirit and understanding of community long before social media became a ubiquitous tool for artists. Her music, known for its emotional depth and lyrical honesty, reflects her personal experiences and struggles, offering listeners a window into her soul and, often, a mirror of their own lives.

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Jewel’s role as a mother and her dedication to mental health advocacy were central themes of our conversation. She spoke candidly about the challenges of balancing her career with being a fully present parent. Her commitment to mental health isn’t just talk. Through InnerWorld, a mental health app and platform she co-founded, and The Foundation Reserve, which aims to bring education, advocacy, and awareness about the importance of mental health to those who can help make a monetary difference, she provides resources and support to those in need. Her work and advocacy emphasize the importance of mental wellness and the power of community in fostering it.


There is a humility and warmth to her. Our conversation was a dialogue between two people who share the belief in the power of music and storytelling to heal and unite. It’s clear that Jewel’s authenticity and vulnerability, so evident in her music, are not just artistic choices but reflections of who she is as a person.


But what resonated with me most was Jewel’s perspective on fame and success. She doesn’t chase celebrity but views her platform as a way to effect positive change and connect with people on a genuine level. This approach has guided her career choices, from the projects she takes on to the way she engages with her fans and the causes she champions, like her Inspiring Children Foundation, which works to “transform lives through a whole human approach to physical, social, emotional, & mental health.”


Meeting Jewel, I found not only the artist I’ve admired for years but a genuine spirit whose kindness, wisdom, and authenticity are as impactful as her music. She’s living proof that staying true to oneself and values are the most authentic path to success and fulfillment.


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Josh: Let’s dive right in.  Who is Jewel at the core, beyond the public persona?



Jewel: Fundamentally, I’m a storyteller, a writer. What differentiates a singer-songwriter from a songwriter, in my opinion, is a profound commitment to the community and a desire to reflect on the world’s complexities. My artistic expression often transcends traditional love narratives to embrace a broader spectrum of human experiences.



Josh: Your career and your personal journey have been intertwined, shaping a unique platform for you. How have these elements influenced your work and advocacy?



Jewel: My journey has always been about more than music. It’s about fostering community, nurturing connections, and advocating for mental health. These priorities shape my projects and collaborations, driving me toward initiatives that reflect these values, such as the Foundation Reserve.



Josh: Given the importance of mental health in your work, where do you believe we stand in the global discourse on this issue?



Jewel: We’ve made strides in destigmatizing mental health discussions, but there’s still much ground to cover. Personal challenges with homelessness and mental health crises have taught me the critical importance of self-awareness and the proactive management of mental well-being. My mission has been to democratize access to mental health resources, emphasizing happiness as a skill that can be cultivated, a philosophy underpinning my work with the Inspiring Children Foundation.



Josh: Your endeavors seem to straddle various worlds, offering unique experiences for broader causes. How do you navigate the complexities of inequality in these initiatives?


Jewel: My approach is to leverage the privileges and access I’ve been afforded to benefit others. By creating meaningful experiences through Foundation Reserve, we’re not just providing enjoyment but also supporting vital mental health initiatives. It’s a model of reciprocal benefit, where luxury and philanthropy intersect to create a positive impact.


Josh: Balancing such a dynamic career with motherhood must pose challenges. How do you manage your professional commitments and your personal life?


Jewel: It’s a matter of prioritization and conscious choice. My son, my health, and my career guide my decisions, in that order. Sacrifices are inevitable, but they’re made with a clear understanding of their implications. My hiatus from music to focus on my son and my mental health exemplifies this approach, underscoring the importance of making decisions aligned with the value I place on well-being.

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Josh: Reflecting on public perceptions, what do you think is a common misconception about you?



Jewel: Misconceptions are tricky since they often stem from incomplete understandings of a person’s journey. I focus more on the long arc of my career and life, prioritizing authenticity and growth over immediate perceptions. Understanding and correcting misconceptions requires a dialogue—a chance to share one’s true self over time.



Josh: How do you see yourself, especially in an industry that doesn’t always reward patience or long-term thinking?



Jewel: My perspective is shaped by a deep-seated belief in the value of happiness and authenticity over the transient allure of fame. I’ve made unconventional choices to stay true to my artistic vision and personal values, even when they’ve led away from mainstream success. This is my perfectly imperfect foundation of a fulfilling career and life.



Josh: Looking to the future, what experiences remain on your bucket list? How do you define extraordinary in the context of your life and work?



Jewel: My bucket list is less about personal achievements and more about shared, transformative experiences. The Foundation Reserve’s vision aligns with this, offering unique opportunities that also serve broader purposes. It’s about creating joy and value, not just for oneself but for the community at large.



Josh: On a lighter note, can you share a guilty pleasure with us, something that might surprise your fans?



Jewel: Surprisingly, it’s donuts. They represent a simple, unadulterated joy—a reminder of the importance of savoring life’s small pleasures amidst our broader pursuits and responsibilities.


Jewel is a living example of how living authentically can change the world. Her story is a call to action—a reminder that true success is measured by the depth of our relationships and the sincerity of our endeavors. Jewel’s legacy, rich in music and humanity, challenges us to find our own voice in the chorus of change, proving that the most remarkable achievements are those shared in service and solidarity with others.


Founded by Dr. George Rapier III, Foundation Reserve is an exclusive private members club designed for individuals who share a love for extraordinary experiences, music, and fine wine. With membership limited to just 100 individuals, the club fosters a close-knit community where shared passions ignite unforgettable moments. “Foundation Reserve is combining my passions for wine, music, travel, philanthropic work, and great company,” says Dr. Rapier. “I also deeply care about the work Jewel is doing through her Inspiring Children Foundation and want to help in every way I can.” This commitment to giving back is woven into the club’s fabric. Every member event serves as an opportunity to raise awareness and support the Foundation’s mission of improving children’s mental health. Beyond philanthropy, Foundation Reserve offers its members a world of exclusive benefits. Imagine indulging in exquisite fine dining experiences, unwinding in opulent villas and estates, savoring custom-crafted wines, and securing VIP access to prestigious sporting events. If you’re seeking a community that elevates your passions, fosters meaningful connections, and makes a positive impact, Foundation Reserve might be the perfect fit.

Author: Joshua Estrin. Source: Resident Magazine

People Magazine: Jewel Reminds People They Are Not Alone

People Magazine: Jewel Reminds People In Need That They Are Not Alone This Holiday Season

The singer-songwriter has made it her mission in life to bring relief to homeless and troubled youth. By Rosemary Rossi


Singer-songwriter Jewel performs on the Main Stage during the first day of The Wellness Experience by Kroger at The Banks on August 20, 2021 in Cincinnati, Ohio

Jewel is on a mission to bring comfort to those who feel alone during the holiday season. The “You Were Meant for Me” singer has been focused on mental health awareness for almost two decades, with her Never Broken Foundation helping homeless and at-risk youth with their emotional and psychological well-being.

Now she has launched her second annual Not Alone Challenge, not only reminding people that they are not alone in the world but also giving them access to tools to help get their lives on track. Last year, her efforts made it the “largest mental health challenge in history.”


“We reached almost one and a half billion people last year,” she told ABC News. “What we learned is there’s lots of people living in places that we call mental health deserts where they don’t have access to therapy. So the Not Alone Challenge is not only to raise awareness, but to put tools in people’s hands who need it and they can find free tools and resources at our website.”

Country Singer Jewel Dishes On New Memoir, ‘Never Broken’

Jewel, 49, has been open about her troublesome teen years, saying that she got into mental health when she was 15 and had moved out of her abusive family home and into a cabin alone in Alaska. Later, after heading to California, she lived in her car.

“When I got discovered — it’s funny — I almost didn’t sign my record contract because I was so aware that if you take somebody with my emotional background, and God forbid, I get famous…” she told PEOPLE in 2022.  She continued: “That’s every movie you’ve seen of every celebrity. In this job, we lose more people to addiction, overdose, suicide, mental breakdowns, and I didn’t want to be a statistic.”

So, she made a deal with herself: she would sign that recording contract “as long as my number one job remained, learning how to be a happy, whole human,” she told ABC News. “I refused to let my life go by without learning how to be happy.

“And it’s unacceptable that misery is an equal opportunist. It doesn’t care what color you are or if you’re rich or poor. But if you wanna learn a new way of being that often takes access to things not everybody has access to.”

Singer-songwriter Jewel performing during Mindful & Music event on the Inspire Stage presented by Johnson & Johnson during the first day of Wellness Your Way Festival at the Duke Energy Convention Center on October 11, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio

So, about 22 years ago, Jewel started a youth foundation where they concentrate on mental health. “We now have one of the most successful rates of helping kids with suicidal ideation. And then it’s just been spreading this mission wider and wider because it’s mean to raise awareness without also offering tools.”


Jewel’s very personal mission of awareness and help has been met with huge success, last year raising $1.5 million.


“I hope people go to the Not Alone website,” she concluded. “They can find free resources. You can also vote or auction. There’s auction items that you can bid on. Um, and we actually just found a donor, the Foundation Reserve Social Club, that’s gonna match donations up to one and a half-million dollars.”


Source: People Magazine

Jewel Teams Up With iHeartRadio To Launch The #NotAloneChallenge

Jewel Teams Up With iHeartRadio To Launch The #NotAlone Challenge To Support Mental Healthcare


NEW YORK (CelebrityAccess) — Singer-songwriter and mental health pioneer Jewel announced the details for the second annual #NotAloneChallenge, presented by Foundation Reserve and in partnership with iHeartRadio.


The challenge is intended to provide people who may be impacted by loneliness during the holiday season with free mental health tools and to help raise funds for the non-profit mental health programming made available at


To participate in the challenge, people are encouraged to create a short video sharing their support and advocacy for mental health, and challenge some of their friends and colleagues to participate as well using the tags #NotAloneChallenge @NotAloneChallenge @InspiringChildren @Jewel @iHeartRadio @FoundationReserve.


Individuals can also donate an auction item to help raise funds for Jewel’s non-profit Inspiring Children Foundation and other named charities. Auction goods can be anything from a hand-made piece of art to a high-dollar item. Last year’s inaugural #NotAloneChallenge reached 1.46B social media impressions, 350M press impressions and raised over $1.5M, quickly becoming one of the largest mental health campaigns in history with a wide-reaching set of ambassadors.


“Anxiety, depression and suicide rates are at a historic high, yet 50% of Americans who need them, don’t have access to proven tools and resources,” shares Jewel. “My goal in creating the #NotAloneChallenge was to bring together people from all walks of life and every demographic, to not only highlight the problem in their communities, but to make sure tools are scaled to these mental health ‘deserts,’ that are tailored to them specifically. Misery is an equal opportunist, it does not care if you are black, white, rich, poor, a CEO, famous, a housewife or homeless. But to learn a different way takes education, and sadly education typically costs money. My goal with the #NotAloneChallenge is to democratize mental health so that proven effective tools like the one my Inspiring Children Foundation has been pioneering for 20 years can get in the hands of anyone who wants to make a positive impact on their mental fitness.”


Additionally, Jewel has pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from the release of the deluxe 20th anniversary edition of her second-ever album, Spirit, to the campaign.


Source: Celebrity Access

Jewel Launches Second Annual #NOTALONECHALLENGE


Four-time Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum singer-songwriter, and mental health pioneer Jewel announced the second annual #NotAloneChallenge, presented by Foundation Reserve and in partnership with iHeartRadio.


Four-time Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum singer-songwriter and mental health pioneer Jewel announced the second annual #NotAloneChallenge, presented by Foundation Reserve and in partnership with iHeartRadio. The mission of the #NotAloneChallenge is to remind people they are not alone during the holiday season and offer free mental health tools. The free tool kit and auction to raise funds for non-profit mental health programming is available at This year’s challenge will bring together thought leaders in tech, finance, music, sports, and healthcare to raise awareness around mental health and funds to make tools available for free. You can find the full list of ambassadors here.


The #NotAloneChallenge inspires people to create a short video sharing their support and advocacy for mental health, then challenge and tag two or more friends to also participate and share their story, using the tags #NotAloneChallenge @NotAloneChallenge @InspiringChildren @Jewel @iHeartRadio @FoundationReserve. Individuals also have the option to offer a “Heroic” auction item, anything from handmade art to a high-dollar offering, for the benefit of the campaign. Auction items will be used to raise funds for Jewel’s non-profit Inspiring Children Foundation and other named charities. Thanks to the generous support of The Foundation Reserve wine and social club, up to $1.2M of donations will be matched.


For mental health resources and to bid on the auction, visit

For more information on the Inspiring Children Foundation, visit

For more information on Innerworld, visit

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